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Goal:   We enhance your quality of life by providing timeless and valuable information and knowledge.
Connection: We bridge Canada, Iran and Farsi-speaking community.
Honesty: Our clients are our business partners. We share honest and sincere ideas and work together to thrive for the best results. Canada’s Danestaniha (Dan Magazine), a non political and non religious magazine, was started in April 2001, making it the first Persian magazine in Western Canada and Vancouver. We used this name because the name was the most recognizable by Iranians everywhere. Danestaniha was first published in Iran in 1980 and was discontinued in 2006 due to political reasons. It was a monthly magazine focus on providing science and new technology knowledge. Danestaniha was the most popular magazine in Iran, and readers valued the publication, often keeping the back issues as bound copies in their homes. We began as a monthly magazine. Then it went to biweekly and evolves to weekly in meeting the readers demand. Today we have the highest circulation among all Iranian media in Vancouver and are one of the best ethnic magazines in Canada. The magazine is primarily in Persian. We continue to include more English editorial to match the demands of the growing readership from first generation Iranian and Persian (farsi) speaking communities to second generation. Our editorial focus is to provide positive messages to improve your daily life and well-balanced lifestyle in Canada. We create rich editorial environment that engage readers and advertisers.

Our Founder Bazarnews Publications Ltd (former name of Danestaniha Publications Ltd) was founded by Behrouz (Bruce) Soroush in 2001. Behrouz Soroush immigrated to Vancouver in late 80’s and achieved further education. He established his business in Vancouver and is well adapted to the Canadian lifestyle, though he remains closely connected to the Persian Iranian community. He believes that he can achieve his goal in helping fellow Iranian integrates to the Canadian environment and culture by publishing Danestaniha (Dan Magazine). Bazarnews changed name to ‘Danestaniha Publications Ltd’ in April 2010.

In 2012, we created this corporate logo for Danestaniha Publications Ltd. All our products are marked with this logo. Today, we have three products: 1. Danestaniha (Dan Magazine) – weekly Persian Magazine 2. Bazaar – Weekly Persian magazine contains light reading editorial and BIZ.Canada, a telephone directory contains local professionals that served the farsi-speaking community. 3. Calendar – Annual bilingual Persian/Gregorian calendar released in November every year